Remember This?: Cassette Tapes

cassette tape


Some of you youngin’s may be looking at these like, “What the hell,” but for anyone who grew up in the ’80s or ’90s, we know that these things were like gold back-in-the-day. Besides buying your favorite artist’s latest joint on tape, cassette’s were brilliant for jacking hot tracks from the radio and making a super fly mixtape.

I remember one time, I sat in the house all day waiting for my favorite jams to come on the radio so I could hit that “record” button  and get ish poppin’. But you had to make sure you pressed the button right on time, or you’d miss the good part. (And didn’t you just hate when the radio host kept bumping his gums, talking all throughout the song, messing up your recording session? Now when you play it back, all you hear is his big ass mouth going on and on about how hot the track is, or what club he’s Deejaying at that night. But all you’re thinking about is how he done f#%ed up your g@ddamn mix: Ain’t this bouta b*!$h?)

And don’t front, I know I’m not the only one who used to hate having to roll the tape allllllllllllllllllll the way back to get to my favorite track! (Boy, was that annoying.) Don’t forget about when the tape used to get all jumbled up and you’d have to pull it out and roll the knobs until it was readjusted the right way? Psst! And Laaaawwwwd don’t let that tape pop!  Especially on the good part of your song, you’d be pissed!  (Sigh.)

These young kids won’t ever understand the struggle, but this sure brings back some good ol’ memories!

Who else remembers?

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