Watch Out Now!: Mom & Pop Get Busy After Accepting Daughter’s Whip & Nae Nae Challenge

These old folks are getting down too!

These parents may be “old” and “overweight” with “nine kids” (their words, not mine), but that didn’t stop them from tearing down the house after their daughter called them out on a “whip” and “nae nae” challenge. (And boy, were they moving! Although Mom did have a minor knee malfunction, but hey, that kind of thing’s to be expected with over-40-year-olds.)

Take a look at this super-cool mom and pop duo as they kill it to Silento’s “Watch Me” and show these young kids how it’s done. (I bet their daughter didn’t think they could move like that, but she gone learn today!) #SuperCute #CoolCouple #EvenCoolerParents


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