Is Our Society Really THAT Moralless? Umm, Snoop Dogg DID Disrespect That Camerawoman!

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Yeah, Snoop is cool and all, but when it comes to women, the legendary rap star has a way with words that could easily rub a lady the wrong way if she doesn’t like to be talked to like a sex object waiting to be cranked and controlled. So this new incident involving his vulgar remarks in reference to an unsuspecting camerawoman comes as no surprise.

What’s the backdrop? These past few days, the ‘net has been buzzing about a video that’s gone viral of an angry camerawoman who got offended during a recent interaction with Uncle Snoop, where he interrupted an interview to pinpoint how “thick” she was.

Mid-way through answering the interviewers’s question, he stopped and said:

I like your camera girl too. She thick. Damn! I wasn’t even looking down like that, now I’m forced to look down at the camera. Looka there, looka there. Look at the shitter on that critter. ” 

Well, the “thick” camera girl didn’t like those comments and took it upon herself to speak out on a national news platform.

“A lot of people talk about this being a compliment. That’s the biggest thing I’ve heard. It’s a compliment, take it. But let’s talk about that? What is a compliment? Is a compliment something that’s going to make a woman feel extremely embarrassed and belittled? I don’t think that’s a compliment. You can compliment women without belitting them. So it’s not exactly what he said, it’s how he said it.

There was a bit of a power play I think. My reporter and I are two women, two young women, physically smaller. He’s a celebrity, he’s physically taller, he’s a man. So there was a bit of a power play. He wanted to embarrass me and he did. I turned beet red.”

The video was posted on social media outlets like Facebook and YouTube, asking viewers if this woman is being “too sensitive,” and you guessed it: The majority of commenters agreed that she was INSANE! I’ve read plenty of comments stating that because this woman is White, she doesn’t understand that being called “thick” is a compliment in the Black community. “She’s dumb as f–ck” and “crazy as hell” because having Snoop Dogg address you in that manner is a “dream” for most women. And all I’m thinking is, “What the f**k is wrong with our people?” Because, of course, the vast majority of Snoop’s defenders were Black, and particularly Black women.

Have we been so conditioned by media, rap videos telling us to make our asses clap, and dope boys on the block reeling us in with vulgarity and rude body remarks that it has become the norm to see and hear women being disrespected? So much so that it is accepted, it is welcomed, and it is even defended? Apparently so. We have allowed our society to be degenerated by images of women modeled as playthings; objects to be viewed, used, and thrown back in the bunch with the rest of the sex trinkets. And sadly, Black women have been sullied the most, so it’s no wonder why our young women are so quick to defend the degradation of another female, Black or White.

Although I don’t agree that Snoop intentionally meant to embarrass this young woman, as she stated, I believe he was completely out of line. But if you are one of the people who suffers from the massive brainwashing that’s conditioned people to be okay with public displays of harassment against women, you might be wondering “how?” Well, the issue is not solely with Snoop referring to this woman as being “thick,” but the problem is the fact that he transformed her into an inanimate item by making inappropriate comments about her body. What he said, and how he said it, was equivalent to a random man abruptly pointing to a woman on the street and yelling, “Damn, nice tits!”

No man should be commenting on a woman’s body in that matter unless he knows her intimately and has permission to. And the fact that this woman was subjected to this disrespect at work, while doing her job, makes matters even worse. As a Black woman who is all about supporting and uplifting my Black brothas, I am still a woman. I know what it’s like to feel objectified and be talked to in an inappropriate manner. And I am completely against defending any man who blatantly disrespects any women without warrant. Point blank: Snoop was waaaaaaay out of line. And he should own up to it.

Just in case you missed it, watch the video below to see the encounter with your own eyes. What’s your opinion?

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