Love & Hip Hop’s Kimbella Vanderhee Causes an Uproar with Daughter’s Matching Two-Piece Bikini

Yesterday, Love & Hip Hop star Kimbella Vanderhee caused some tempers to flare when she posted what most are calling an “inappropriate” picture of her daughter in a two-piece bathing suit.

In what appears to be an attempt to promote a children’s swimsuit line, the model mom, who’s romantically involved with rapper Juelz Santana and the mother of two of his children, uploaded the above flick of herself and her daughter, Bella Monroe James, donning matching metallic bathing suits. But the revealing two-piece combo adorning Baby Bella didn’t sit too well with a large portion of Kimbella’s Instagram followers.

“I’m pretty sure the pic was innocent but it doesn’t belong on social media it’s inappropriate for social media. ESP with all of these child predators. If you really wanted to post the picture you could have retaken it yes it’s your child but come one just because it’s your child why expose her like that for the world to see??,” one user wrote, while another said: “One piece would be better for the child… too much for the Internet.”

Others believe that the two-piece is fine, but her daughter’s tugging at it is what makes it problematic. “She should’ve just fixed her bathing suit and got her hands from almost taking off her bottoms then it would be okay cause there’s so many sick guys and especially her for being some what known,” another follower wrote.

But other users came to Kimbellas defense, saying that there’s nothing wrong with a child wearing a two-piece, and grown people are sexualizing something that’s completely innocent. “Cute Kim! Abused women projecting their trauma on child’s innocent gesture,” one user stated. “There is nothing wrong with this picture. It’s totally innocent and I don’t see why people are making a big deal out it. Little kids pull on their clothes all the time. Only a pervert would think anything different,” another chimed in.

One thing’s for sure: Kimbella doesn’t need reality TV to cook up some drama!

What are your thoughts readers, did Kimbella do anything wrong?

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