Fashion Killa of the Week: Simi OA

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 Ethnic background: Nigerian
Place of origin: Lagos, Nigeria
Age: 21
 Facebook/Twitter/IG: house of ara; @simmyoa; @simioa
Weapon of choice: short skirt + nude pumps combo
Go-to accessory: chokers
“I feel like a Hollywood star whenever I throw on my fur coat.
“My name’s not Pac, but it’s a 100% guarantee, that when I step out with my fresh cut all eyes on me.”

A rising style blogger whose already garnering attention from major fashion outlets, Simi OA has a mean eye when it comes to putting together killer combos. She’s sleek, she’s chic, not to mention that bold short cut of hers is alllllllll the way on FLEEK! Simply put: there aren’t too many fashionistas whose style is this effortless. And at 21, Simi is only getting started.

CM: Firstly, as I ask all my fashion killas: how would you describe your style?

Simi: I actually don’t know how to describe my style for two reasons. One, I’m not conscious of it, I just wear whatever I like; whatever looks good on me. And secondly, because I feel like my style is always evolving.

From where do you draw fashion inspiration?

TV shows–Gossip Girl, Sex and the City, Lipstick Jungle.

Has your Nigerian culture influenced you in any way?

My culture is very particular about physical appearance. From our elaborate gele (headtie) to our famous Ankara prints, there’s an elevated appreciation for fashion. Growing up in this environment definitely influenced and influences my style today.

What is it about fashion that you love?

Being a reserved person, fashion is my outlet; my way of expressing myself without needing to speak.

You have some fiercely unique attire in your possession. Where are some of the places that you usually go shopping?

Thank you! Zara, Asos, Nasty Gal, H&M. 

So, you’re a rising fashion blogger. Tell me how that got started and some of your accomplishments and goals thus far.

I started my blog in March and so far, it has been an interesting journey. From features on Fashion Bomb Daily to Fashion Climaxx, and even June 2015 issue of Marie Claire magazine, I have received a very warm welcome. I’m focused right now on building my brand but ultimately, I would love to get into styling and designing.

Really? What would be your angle as a designer?

I haven’t figured out all the details yet, but I know it will be mainly pret-A-porter and it will include a lot of collaboration with up-and-coming designers from Africa.

Sounds cool! Speaking of designers, who’s your favorite? 

My all-time favorite is Chanel.

Any Black designers whose work you admire?

Stella Jean. I favor [Chanel and Stella] because I think we share similar style aesthetics and I find their designs very relatable.

Who would you say is the most influential figure in fashion today?

I don’t think there’s one single most influential figure, I think a number of people definitely come to mind–Anna Wintour, Rihanna [for instance]. 

How long does it usually take you to get dressed in the morning?

Sixty to ninety minutes, depending on whether I already have my outfit picked out. 

Since you’re a pro at putting together dope looks, I have to ask you: what makes an outfit hot?

What makes an outfit hot to me has a lot to do with the person wearing it. An outfit is only as hot as the confidence projected by the person in it.

Confidence is something you definitely seem to have a lot of. But a part from your self-assurance, what makes you a ‘fashion killa’?

This is definitely a trick question. I don’t think I’m a fashion killa just yet. I think I just really know what works for my body and I have a keen eyes for pairings that make good outfits.

In case you need visual proof, flip through the pages for a taste of some of Simi’s hottest looks.

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