Remember This?: The iPod



Yeah, I know: This thing is looking pretty pre-historic as you’re viewing this article from your state-of-the-art iPhone 56, but there was a time when iPods ruled! I never actually owned one (I was more of a MP3 kind of gal,) but all I know is throughout the early 2000s, I couldn’t even blink without seeing someone pumping and bumping to their handy dandy iPod. And if you hand one of these music-hubbing little gadgets, yeah, you were pretty much super cool.

Welp, too bad the iPhone had to come along and rain on that parade, because they may still be on the market, but these musical devices are pretty much extinct. (iPods get thrown away like everyday B.)

Who else remembers?


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  1. It’s a real plsuaere to find someone who can think like that

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