Cute or Cruel?: Chinese Dog Owner Makes Poodle Walk on Hind Legs and Dress in Human Clothes

When I first saw this video, I thought it was hilarious (okay, I wasn’t cracking-up-crying like the reporters in the clip above, but I may have released a little “heehee,” plus you have to admit that this pooch has a cute little diddy-bop). But as I watched the original video, without the contagious laughter of the news anchors over at Arizona’s 12 News, I wasn’t distracted by the gleeful surface, and examined something deeper.

Although the fact that this dog owner in Sichuan Province, China did a helluva job training his poodle to walk like a human, I can’t help but wonder how comfortable this little pup feels trotting around all day in a position that’s completely unnatural for a canine, only to be made a public spectacle for people to laugh and stare at.

Just my thoughts.

What do you all think: cute or cruel?

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