Fashion Killa of the Week: Shareese Thatcher

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Ethnic background: African American
Hometown: Tempe, Arizona by way of Atlanta, Georgia
Age: 24
Twitter/IG: @TodaysXWeather
Weapon of choice: platforms
Go-to accessory: leather choker necklace
“I can’t go a day without my fillin’ in my eyebrows & winged eyeliner.”
“I’m no murderer, but when I whip out my vibrant matte purple lipstick “I’m Royalty” from Jeffree Star Cosmetics I turn heads and leave ’em all dead. Seriously, a day has yet to come without someone asking me where can they get that lipstick.

With a style that’s dipped in bold and laced in originality, Shareesse Thatcher is not your typical “fashion killa.” Ditching high heels for platforms and fancy gold chains for brazen leather chokers, this Arizona native is undoubtedly in a class all her own.

Kick back and take a peek at what the 24-year-young blogger had to say about Kanye West and his fashion influence, where she picked up her sense of style, and how she got into blogging.

You sense of fashion is highly unique and edgy. You give off an Afro-punk kind of vibe. How would you personally describe your style?

My style is just like the title of my blog, “Today’s Weather.” I dress however I’m feeling [for the day]. 

What’s your BIGGEST source of fashion inspiration?

My inspiration for fashion definitely came from [the Japanese animation series] Sailor Moon, along with some other animes. I just remember watching Sailor Moon when I was younger and immediately loved the different outfits and color combos they used to wear every episode.

That’s pretty interesting. I used to watch Sailor Moon here-and-there as a youth, and I can definitely see that influence in you. Besides that, are there any celebs whose style has influenced yours? 

I love Kanye West’s style! He always looks effortless and dope, always! It’s very rare I see photos of Kanye and I’m [not] like, “What is he wearing?” I am always inspired by him.

Who is your favorite fashion designer?

Kanye West. Although he might not have the biggest fashion catalogue out there, I strongly believe he has what it takes to be the best so I’m calling it now!

Since you’re a Kanye fan, style is obviously very important in your life. So what exactly does fashion mean to you? 

Fashion to me is art a form of self-expression. I just love how innovative you can be and you don’t even need to be rich to wear dope clothes as long as you have a thrift store in your city/town you are good!

So you’re a blogger. What inspired you to start your own blog? 

After high school I moved from Tempe [Arizona] to Atlanta and I became very alone and sad, so I started blogging to occupy my time and I began to creatively express myself through photos and videos, which brought up my confidence and overall experience living in a new city.

So it’s been a few years since you started pouring yourself into this online journal. What would you say are your goals as a blogger now?

My goals are to just keep creating more dope content and do lots of collabs with other creatives and make a career out of spreading my love for art and fashion.

Besides blogging, are you pursuing fashion on a professional level?

I’ve taken on a couple of photography, modeling, styling and editing projects. Pretty much, I want to conquer every concept of fashion.

I would say your style, although interestingly eccentric, is pretty simplistic. How long would you say it usually takes you to get dressed in the morning?

I’m really inconsistent [laughs]. Some days, I can get ready in three seconds with a crazy cool outfit, and [other times] it will take me 10-15 minutes just to pick a shirt out.

 What makes an outfit hot?

Confidence; wear the clothes, don’t let them wear you. But if your confidence level is not where you want it, I say start off with a killer pair of shoes.

What makes you a “fashion killa”?

I’m not predictable, so you never know what to expect from me, and I think being a mystery is always better and keeps people wanting more.

Makes sense. If you want more from Shareese’s lookbook, go to the next pages to get a better glimpse of her edgy style.

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