#WhatWouldYouDo?: Customers Check Black Hairdresser for Snapping on an Interracial Couple

How would you have handled this situation?

black woman wwyd

We all know about the general conception that Black women can’t stand to see a White woman hanging from a brotha’s arm. And in most cases, it’s the TRUTH! But despite many of our women’s disdain for interracial relationships involving Black men and Mary’s, Ann’s and Becky Sue’s, that doesn’t give a Black woman the right to publicly belittle and disrespect a Black man and his non-Black companion, right?

Well, that’s exactly what happened at Denny Moe’s Barbershop in Harlem, New York when ABC’s Primetime: What Would You Do? hired a group of actors to play the roles of a bitter Black hairdresser vs. an interracial couple in front of a group of unsuspecting customers. The scene was set up to unveil if people would intervene in the couple’s defense, aid the woman in her hate, or sit back and mind their own.

As it turns out, most people stood up and came to the couple’s aid, with one woman even succeeding in getting tears to fall from the hating actress’ eyes. (Yeah, it got that real.) Take a look at the clip below.

What would you do if you were ever in a situation like this?

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