Right or Wrong?: Father Deebo’s Group of Teenage Girls for Jumping His Daughter

We all know that men aren’t supposed to lay hands on women, let alone a grown ass (sumo-sized) man big enough to drop a mob  of teenage girls with one swing. But when it comes to defending ones seed, in most scenarios, all that politically correct b.s. goes straight out the window! As in the case of a protective father caught on camera trying to shield his daughter from a group of belligerent teen girls in Brooklyn that surfaced last week.

Now everyone’s buzzing about whether or not this dad had the right to lay the smack down on the young crew of troublemakers.

So what happened?

Apparently, the dad accompanied his daughter to a fight that was scheduled between her and another neighborhood chick, who she’d fought earlier. When things got out of hand, and a multitude of female bystanders jumped in to team up on the single teen, her six-foot, 300-pound dad bullied his way through the crowd to pull the aggressors off his child. But when the group of girls turned on him, proceeding to slap, kick and tear at Dad’s clothes, that’s when ish got real!

The pissed-off daddy began dropping girls left and right, to the point where one bystander (assumingly the camera girl) shouted out, “You a grown ass man hittin’ children boy!” Yeah, well, they lost all “kiddie” privileges when they decided to jump a single girl and attack her father for stepping in to break up said nonsense. (Shrugs.)

What are your thoughts people? Was Pops right or wrong?


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