New App Shows Who Unfriended You on Facebook

The app also allows you to check friends' login times.

who deleted me app

Have you ever browsed your friend’s list  on Facebook and noticed that your numbers were off? You had 855 friends last week, now you’re down to 805. “Who the hell unfriended me?” you ask yourself. Well, wonder no more. A new app aptly titled “Who Deleted Me” is now available to show us nosies who booted us from their Book. (Or if an old friend simply deactivated his or her account.)

The app was launched a few weeks ago, and is available for iOS and Android, or as a browser extension for Google Chrome. But before you get all excited thinking that you can finally find out if that hottie with the body you met three years ago left you high and dry or simply told FB “bye, bye,” Who Deleted me only accounts for the friend loses that occur after you download the app. (So yeah, I guess you’ll just never know about that one.)

But here’s the stalker part: this intrusive little application lets you check your FB buds’ last login time. (So much for ducking and dodging these thirst buckets. Now I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Sigh.) But I’m not gonna front, I’m about to go download this ish right now! And for all you reading this, let’s not pretend that you’re not sitting there thinking “Finally!” I know you’re about to hit up that play store and get to stalking too (hopefully not literally stalking…but yeah, you get my drift).

Thank me later.

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