Really Now?: Faizon Love Blasts Black People Over Bill Cosby Outrage


Since the recent exposure of 2005 court documents in which Bill Cosby confessed to obtaining Quaaludes with intentions of feeding them to young women he wanted to have sex with, celebrities like Stacey Dash and Jill Scott have expressed regret over their support of the seasoned comic in the mist of resurfaced rape allegations against the legendary star. However, there still remains a select few of dimwits  public figures in denial who are supporting Mr. Jello Jacker, like actor Faizon Love, who went on a rampage against Black folks for focusing too much attention on this “bullshit.”

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Did this negro just dismiss this issue by saying “Black women and children have been raped for years“?


Well, guess what?: Black men and boys have been murdered in this country for years, so I guess we shouldn’t be worried about the Dylan Roofs shooting up Black churches or the George Zimmerman’s gunning down innocent Black boys…

I don’t know what Black woman has brutalized or traumatized Big Worm Faizon in his past, but misogynistic, Black woman-bashers like him continue to deteriorate the fabric of our community. Newsflash: We can care about the mistreatment of Black women and still shed light on the injustices that plague Black men!

If you all recall, Mr. (No) Love was the same one who went on a half-a-week-rant late last year when the rape allegations against Cosby resurfaced:

“I’m gonna say it because Mr.Cosby can’t… F*** them b*****s and they mamas to!!! And the house n**** Hanibal Buress too,” he tweeted last November.

“whats f***ed about this!!!! they covering these funky b****es story more than when Mr. Cosby son was murdered on the 405 #F***THEMB****ES.”

As I read his rant, and watched the people who retweeted and supported this foolery, all I could think was, “When will our men realize that issues affecting Black women affect us all? When will our men care as much about the pain and exploitation Black women suffer as they do about the injustices crippling Black men?” How dare Faizon come out his mouth and victim-bash, then turn around and criticize those of us with common sense enough to realize that Bill Cosby is a f–kin’ perv who was long-able to keep his wickedness buried with power and money?

People are so hung up Cosby’s fame and legacy that he’s been put on a pedestal and many can’t seem to tame their emotions for the sake of logic. Just because Bill is a Black man who “supposedly’ stood for the betterment of our communities does not mean that he is, and was not capable of committing said evils. And since a documented confession is pretty solid evidence that Cosby is responsible for having sex with at least one woman while she was under the influence of Quaaludes, he should be held accountable. No matter how many Black children’s books he authored, pudding pops he sold, or how deep our love for The Cosby Show.

Get it together boo.

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