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Ethnic background: South African
Hometown: Johannesburg
Age: 31
Facebook/Twitter/IG:; @limabrown1; @limasaesthetics
Weapon of choice: bright lipstick
Go-to accessory: sunglasses for daytime; purses/clutches & cuffs at night
I can’t go a day without my sexy lingerie. I have always believed that when a woman feels good on the inside, her confidence exudes externally. So before I put any piece of clothing on I already feel too confident to make any look work.
I can always count on my flowing midi skirts and dresses with print designs to turn headsI love being playful with my style and stylishly flowing dresses does the job for me. 

With style more colorful than her homeland, Lima Brown is the perfect balance of class and spunk. (As if you couldn’t tell already.) But the South African fashion star is not only nice with the threads, this rising style blogger is pretty mean with a handy dandy keypad as well.

Read on to see how Lima’s South African culture has influenced her style, a list of her top fashion designers, and how Ms. Brown plans to blog her way to the top of the fashion industry.

CM: What is it about fashion that you love?

Lima: I have always loved fashion because it allows people to be whoever they want to be. It’s a form of self-expression, the freedom to celebrate who we are daily.

What I love about your sense of fashion is that you always seem to have a ‘pop.’ Your style is really vibrant and colorful. How would you personally describe your style? 

My style is quite feminine so I always try to keep the overall look elegant. However, I love contrasting my looks and it’s always about playing with colors. I try to get away from matching colors.

Which makes sense being that you come from Johannesburg, where the weather seems like it’s alway radiant and bright. Has your culture influenced your style in any way?

My culture has influenced my style through the different designs of print and fittings. I love mixing my African print fabrics with modern styles. I still collect print fabrics from Africa and design certain pieces to wear with my contemporary garments. My favorite print is the shoeshoe print from a small country called Lesotho.

You’re from South Africa, but you currently reside in Dubai. How has the culture there influenced your fashion sense? 

I never liked wearing long dresses because I’m quite petite, but the Dubai culture made me enjoy wearing long dresses and headscarves in order to keep my style elegant and fun. Dubai has unfolds luxury.

Speaking of color and elegance, you’re wardrobe seems to be full of both. Do you ever tone it down and have a plain ol’ dress down day?

I’ve yet to have a ‘plain ol’’ day because I tend to wear my casuals with colorful brooches or bright flats. Color makes me feel more alive and even though I try and tone things down, my black and white outfits are always worn with bright colored shoes or bags.

Has fashion been something that you were always into? 

I have always had the habit of changing my garments to fit me the way I see fit, and most of the time, I design my own garments in order to remain true to myself.

So are you pursuing designing professionally? 

I have had my hand at designing and I have learned that with everything else in life, timing is important. With that said, I will do it correctly at the right time. This is what I love about being in the creative field: there are no restrictions and whatever aesthetic you have, your art happens at the right time.

When did you start blogging?

I started blogging for Makiarto, which I created in 2008; it was a blog site that focused on the creative industry in South Africa. I later started LimaBrown in 2012, after I had just moved to Dubai.

What are your goals as a blogger? Do you see yourself becoming a huge fashion figure, are you just blogging for fun?

I started blogging because I’m an English major in creative writing; it has always been about doing research in the creative industry and also sharing my knowledge of fashion and inspiration with others. I aspire to become a well-respected editor at large, and blogging gives me the privilege to connect with people from different corners of the world. I continue to build towards my portfolio and this is quite important for fashion editors in magazines.

You seem to be into photography as well, do you plan on pursuing that professionally? 

I love capturing random moments, especially movement, even though I don’t plan on becoming a photographer. I’m more passionate about styling people and my acquaintances do count on me in this regard, but I would like to take it further as part of my career.

On a scale of 1-10, how important is fashion to you? 

I think it’s a bit unfair to rate the importance of my passion on my part. I don’t always agree with 10 being the highest I can go, but with everything else in my life, finding a balance is key.

Any celebs whose style you admire? 

I would say Victoria Beckham for changing her style for the better. I like Kerry Washington’s style on the red carpet because her couture pieces are always elegant with a twist. She never looks too uptight.

Who is your favorite fashion designer? 

I can name a few designers I respect: Tracy Reese for paving the way, staying true to herself, and the quality of her garments. I find more quality in the heaviness of garments; Davidson Petit-Frere. I mean who doesn’t want to see a man in a bespoke suit…?; Olivier Rousteing; David Tlale of South Africa, who has inspired many people in Africa for his bravery and has showcased in major fashion weeks around the world; Ezra Santos for his couture garments–Dubai-based; Carly Cushnie; I must also mention that I’m an Oscar De la Renta girl, the man knows how to make a woman happy [laughs].

Since you seem to be “glamed up” most of the time, how long does it usually take you to get dressed in the morning?

I don’t like wasting time to get dressed up and I don’t always have the luxury, this is why I visualize my looks in advance. I usually take less than 20 minutes after my shower.

That’s really surprising [laughs]. How often do people stop you and compliment you on the streets?

It happens quite a lot but it becomes embarrassing when I’m with other people.

What pointers would you give to anyone when it comes to putting together a ‘hot’ outfit?

Always remain true to yourself and play around with your garments, you can mix and mismatch your garments to create new looks.

What makes you a “fashion killa”?

This is a funny question, I don’t know if my response will be appropriate. I can only say I keep learning as I go, I’m enjoying my fashion journey and there’s always room for improvement and growth.

But with style like hers, I don’t think Ms. Brown has too much more “growing” to do. Flip the pages for some of Lima’s hottest looks.

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