Chris Brown’s California Home Robbed at Gunpoint

chris brown performing

At around 2 a.m. this morning, three armed robbers broke into Chris Brown’s newly purchased San Fernando, California home, where they shoved a gun in his aunt’s face and forched her into a closet as they ransacked his home, TMZ reports.

The men were able to get away with a wad of cash and other valuables before cops arrived at the scene. C.B.’s aunt informed authorities that the robbers said they targeted the home knowing that it belonged to the famed singer. (Could it have had something to do with Breezy flashing his new crib on Instagram last week? Hmm.)

During the time of the robbery, Chris was in Hollywood hosting a pre-ESPY party at club Argyle. He reportedly left the hot spot at 2:13 a.m., around the same time his crib was being hit.

This is the second time that the “Ayo” singer’s house has been broken into this year. If you recall, a psycho Voodoo queen 21-year-old woman slid her way into Brown’s Agoura Hills home back in April where she waited for the star butt-booty naked in his bed for two days. (Yeah, crazy, I know.)

Poor Chris. Looks like he needs to invest in some security cameras, barbed wired fences and hungry watch dogs.

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