Black Fact of the Week: Africa is the Most Ethnically Diverse Continent on the Planet

africa on the map

With ethnic groups that number in the thousands, the Motherland is recognized as the most diverse continent on planet Earth. In an 11-year study conducted by academics at Harvard University’s Institute for Economic Research, it was found that African countries are generally more heterogeneous than other parts of the globe, particularly Western nations. There are dozens that total in the millions, and even the 10-millions, but some of the largest ethnic groups in Africa are: the Yoruba of West Africa (particularly Nigeria); the Igbo and Mande of West Africa; the Maghrebis of North Africa; the Shona and Zulu of South Africa; the Bakongo (or Kongo) of Central Africa; and the Oromo and Hutu of East Africa.

Interesting, right?

So maybe next time you won’t be so quick to dismiss a brotha or sista from the Motherland as plain ol’ “African.” #WeAreAColorfulPeople

Sources: Daily MailSaylor Academcy


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