Fashion Killa of the Week: Raymond Crawford

Ethnic background: African American
Hometown: Greensboro, NC
Age: 23
Facebook/Twitter/IG: Raymond Crawford / Freeforeverind/ _youngpapi_
Weapon of choice: Zanotti sneakers
Go-to accessory: gold frames
“I can’t go a day without my GOLD RINGS!
“I can always count on my Zanottis to turn heads.”

Oozing in allure, Raymond Crawford has the kind of style that’s like throwing on a playlist sprinkled with pop, rock and hip hop–you never know what’s coming up next. He can hang a mean suit, then turn around and kill ish in a printed tee, destroyed denims and a snapback or boonie hat. One thing’s for sure: this Greensboro native is not your typical “country boy.”

Keep reading to learn more about Raymond’s fashion influences, his advice on putting together a killer look, and the type of style he expects from his lady.

CM: You mentioned that you are a business owner, so does your career influence how you dress in any way?

Raymond: I’m a business owner, I own a marketing business, but it doesn’t influence how I dress; I like to switch it up.

I noticed. And being that you like to switch up your steez a lot, which would you say that you prefer: a mean suit, or a clean pair of jeans and sneaks?

A mean suit. A tailored suit feels better than a pair of jeans. It was made just for you. Nobody can wear that because it was made just for you.

So how would you describe your style?

Diverse … one day I might be feeling a suit, the next day I might be feeling street wear.

Who or what is your biggest source of fashion inspiration?

Chris Brown, since I was 13 years old. And just things I see, or the occasion [that I’m dressing for].

Why is Chris Brown such a major influence? 

Chris brown because he diverse too.

Any other celebrities whose style you admire?

Leonardo Diccaprio in The Great Gatsby. His suits were crazy.

What is it about fashion that you love?

It’s just a way to express yourself; it can change your mood, it’s a networking tool … it’s language really.

Has fashion been something that you were always into?

Of course! I wasn’t always good at it [laughs], but I came around.

On a scale of 1-10, how important is fashion to you?

Ten because, like I said, it’s language. It’s a conversation starter, it draws attention; positive hopefully. And it doesn’t matter how much your stuff costs, as long as it feels good and looks good to you. If you dress well, people have a little bit more respect for you; you look slouchy, people treat you slouchy.

Do you have dreams of pursuing fashion on a professional level?

It’s up in the air; it’s a saturated market, but [fashion is] one of the only things in life that interests me.

Who is your favorite fashion designer?

I don’t have a favorite designer, I like a lot of them.

What pointers would you give to anyone when it comes to putting together a clean, fashionable look? 

Do you. You like it, I love it! [Laughs.]

What makes you a ‘fashion killa’?

I wouldn’t say I’m a fashion killa, I just like to look nice when I step out. When I go out and walk into the room, it’s like, ‘Ok, now that guy is sharp! He carries himself with some dignity.’ I used to be self-conscious about dressing nice because sometimes girls would say, ‘Why can’t you just chill? Like, why can’t you wear sweatpants sometimes?’ And I thought like, ‘Damn, I just like to get fresh sometimes,’ but now I don’t care. It’s like either you can get with it or get lost [laughs]. Now, I want my lady to be a fashion killa. She could put me on, I could put her on, we could put each other on.

Well with style like this, there’s not much that his lady would have to put him on to. (Shrugs.) Flip the pages to get a peek at some of Raymond’s cleanest looks.

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