#100Days100Nights: L.A. Gang Launches Challenge to Murder 100 People in 100 Days

Just sad.

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While Black lives continue to be gunned down in the streets at the hands of the police, there still lies the threat of gun violence mutilating a Black body at the hands of one of our own. And that sad fact has just reached another level of menacing with a new challenge sparked by the L.A.-based Crips sect, Rollin 100s.

According to The Daily Beast, the Rollin 100s started a bet with a rival gang to see who could kill 100 people–innocent or gang-related–in 100 days the fastest. The challenge allegedly started last week following the death of Rollin 100s affiliate Kenneth “KP” Peevy, who was reportedly gunned down on Friday, July 17.

However, family members of the slain 27-year-old say the challenge is disgusting.

“It’s making him look like a bad person. It’s not like he started this and got killed behind it. He had no control over what’s going on with #100Days100Nights,” stated one of Peevy’s family members, who chose to remain anonymous.

Despite Peevy’s link to the Rollin 100s, relatives say he turned his life around after the birth of son; determined to show his seed a different lifestyle, even coaching his youth football team. They say that although the young father was loosely affiliated with the gang, he mostly stayed to himself and didn’t participated in any gang-related activities.

“He was always in his [son’s] life, from walking him to school in the morning to walking to pick him up from school,” a family member stated.

The hashtag #100Days100Nights has been growing on Instagram and Twitter, with some spreading the word to save lives, while others are using the hashtag to support this violent killing spree.


Apparently, the random acts of violence started this weekend, with 11 people being shot in L.A.’s 77th District. The shooting that kicked off the savage string of events included a woman and two boys, 4 and 11, who were wounded after a man walked up to their car and opened fire on the 2000 block of West 99th Street Thursday evening. As of now, the shooter is still at large.

Neighborhood leaders are fighting to find a solution, with a popular civil rights group planning a community meeting to ask rival gangs to call an immediate ceasefire. Law enforcement officials are aware of the challenge and say that they’re taking the threats seriously. As for Peevy’s family, they’re pleading for the violence to end.

“With the shootings, I feel like all of that is unnecessary. I can’t say for them how they should feel about the situation—whether they should go about their revenge or not—I just feel like they shouldn’t go about it that way,” said one relative. “It’s just gonna put them in the same situation: you either are going to die behind this or go to jail behind this. It’s not gonna make a difference, it’s just making it worse.”

I say: This makes absolutely no sense! (Our youth are so lost!) Please spread the info to anyone living in the L.A. area, and let’s pray for our children. The future is looking really bleak y’all.

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