Get it Grandma! 83-Year-Old Woman Twerks Down the House at 2015 Pepsi Funk Fest

mama funkfest

They say, “You’re only as old as you feel,” and at the Birmingham, AL stop at this year’s Pepsi Funk Fest, an 83-year-old fireball proved just that. Nicknamed “Mama Funfest” for stealing the show, this spunk-filled 20-something-at-heart put all young-ins to shame with her show-stoppin’-booty-poppin’. Grandma bent over, touched her toes, picked it up and made it roll! (Something tells me Mama Funkfest was a FREAK back in her day [and still is]!)

Simply put: Grandma Betty Sue made it do what it do! (Lol!)

Check out Mama Funkfest’s hilarious twerk-out below.

But that’s not all. Spectators caught more footage of this hot mama doing her thing. (Peep the leg lift Grandma did on the poll. And let’s not talk about how she opened up her goodie jar and threw all her cookies at the poor young fella that thought he could keep up. Smh…told y’all Grandma was a freak.)

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