Meek Mill Finally Responds to Drake with Weak Diss Track, Black Twitter Reacts

meek drake

Y’all been waiting for it…and unfortunately, it’s finally here. Yeah, Meek Mill dropped his (lackluster) response to Drake‘s back-to-back diss tracks (pun intended) Thursday night. And boy, did it put a lot of folks to zzzzzzz!

(Clears throat.) So. what was Black Twitter’s response? A leap of knee-slapping memes that probably has Philly Milly somewhere hiding between Nicki Minaj’s gigantic butt cheeks.

dj khaled-meek meme

meek mill dead body

meek mill didn't like it mem joe wanna know meme meek mill on phone meme

kermet the frog meme

Yup…that pretty much sums it up. #PoorMeek

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