The Difference Between How Blacks and Whites are Handled by Cops

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By now, we’re all familiar with the seemingly never-ending cases of Black deaths at the hands of law enforcement officers (or at least, everyone should be). Most recently, the murder of Samuel DuBose, who was executed after a Cinncinatti cop pulled him over for a missing license plate, and the suspicious “suicide” of Sandra Bland, who died in police custody after being stopped for a minor traffic violation.

Regardless of the why they were stopped, or what crime they did or did not commit, the truth of the matter is their most terrifying crime was being Black in racist America.

In the case of Sandra Bland, she was nearly yanked from her car, slammed to the ground, and handled like an animal all because she refused to put out her cigarette when asked by Texas State Trooper Brian Encinia. Racist-cop supporters have all offered the same excuse in why Encinia was justified in handling Bland like a rag doll (the same justification that was delivered in the cases of Eric Garner, Mike Brown and the 15-year-old girl who was unnecessarily assaulted by a crazed cop at a McKinney, Texas pool party last month): “That’s what happens when you disobey an officer.”

Oh, really? Or do they mean, “That’s what happens when you show the slightest hint of disobedience to an officer, when you’re BLACK!”? Because, last time I checked, I’ve never heard one word about a White citizen–male or female–being unlawfully murdered, not even SCRATCHED, during a run-in with police.

Just take this video for example.

The blatant difference in the way Black lives are handled in situations involving the police versus how White lives are handled in run-ins with the law is so sad, it’s almost laughable. No, not every cop is racist. Yes, there do exist Black citizens worthy of being in locked under a jail. But there’s no way that a Black man (or even a Black WOMAN) could lead cops on a high-speed chase, resist arrest, steal a cop car AND reach for an officer’s rifle without being sent to their maker.

Just in case you need a reminder:

But after watching the video of this crazed Caucasian woman, I see that there ARE ways to subdue a “criminal” without putting them in a deadly chokehold, slamming their head to the ground, or unloading a round of shots into their dome. Just as long as that “criminal” is White.

The bottom line is: Many police officers see no value in Black lives. So it’s nothing for them to body slam a Black man, woman, boy or girl as if he or she were in a WWE wrestling ring; or blow to their heads off without question. Black people in America have long been brutalized, tortured, racially profiled, humiliated and murdered by those sworn to “protect and serve,” and the sad reality is that not much has changed. And then White America wonders why so many Black folks say, “F*ck the police.” #BlackLivesMatter

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