Fashion Killa of the Week: Corey Jamal Hayes

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Ethnic background: African American
Hometown: Deltona, Florida
Age: 27
Facebook/IG: Corey J. Hayes; Jamal_Corey2
Style: comfortable
Fashion Inspiration: career; “Fellow gentlemen rocking dapper suits everyday”
Celebrity fashion hero: Andre 3000
Weapon of choice: a dope tie
Go-to accessory: hat
“I look clean in whatever I rock, but my socks are always like the cherry on top.”
“Wherever I arrive, my signature blazer is sure spark ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs.”

With a new line of fine designs scheduled to soon decorate the market, Corey Hayes knows all about dressing to kill. (And how to stay true to comfort.) He’s a man consumed by faith, but don’t get it confused: This Floridian’s spiffy suit collection is not confined to the pews of the church; nearly everyday Mr. Hayes is dipped out in his Sunday Best!

Impressed? Read on to learn about this dashing gentleman’s views on style, his favorite season to pull out all the stops, and more about his upcoming fashion line.

CM: You have a pretty clean suit collection. What is it about throwing on a nice suit and tie that you enjoy so much?

Corey: The saying ‘Gladiator in a suit’ always comes to mind when I’m putting on a suit. It makes me feel like I can go into any arena and present myself professionally before I say one word. It simply gives me confidence.

You seem to be heavily into your faith. Does your love for suits have anything to do with getting sharp on Sunday mornings?

Absolutely. I like to give God my very best. So when putting a look together, I want to make sure I always present myself in a way where God will be pleased.

You said that your occupation influences how you dress. What do you do, and how is your career a driving force behind your style?

I’m a Youth Care Specialist at a facility for high-risk youth and children within the foster system. It influences how I dress [because] I like to show the young men that it doesn’t make you any less of a man to pull your pants up, put on a belt and present yourself in a positive manner.

How often do you take a break from the suits and go casual?

Surprisingly, I dress down almost daily. The kids I work with are very active so it’s necessary for me to have on shorts and some loafers. Or if I feel like playing basketball that day, I’ll throw on some gym shorts and sneakers.

What’s your favorite season to dress-up in?

Well, I wear suits year-round, but fall or winter, simply because it’s a bit cooler.

Do you have dreams of pursuing fashion on a professional level?

Of course. I plan on pursuing styling on a professional level. I’m comfortable with assisting people with looking their absolute best. I’m in the process of building my brand, Core Concepts, which specializes in menswear styling, soon to be expanding to meet the styling needs of the everyday woman as well! Excited about that, stay tuned!

That’s great! Since you’re obviously and expert on style,  in your opinion, what’s the most important rule in fashion?

Comfort. As I eluded to earlier, I feel like the number one rule is to be comfortable. When you’re comfortable, you exude a certain confidence and you definitely need confidence. Point blank: if I don’t believe in a look, how can I expect anyone else to?

Good point. With that said, who is your favorite fashion designer?

I would humbly say myself. I’m currently working with a partner to get a clothing line off the ground. I’m confident in the clothing that will be on the market. I’m working hard to make sure that the clothing will be suitable for men and women in regards to their everyday wardrobe.

Sounds great! But besides your dapper clothing line that’s about to drop, what makes you a ‘fashion killa’?

[Laughs.] I’d simply say I’m comfortable in my style. It’s mine, I own it. I never wear anything that makes me feel uncomfortable and I’m confident in my presentation. That makes me a ‘fashion killa!’

Just flip through the tabs and see for yourself.

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