Black Fact of the Week: Kevin Garnett is the Highest-Paid Player in NBA History

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That’s right, Kevin Garnett.

Having raked in a smooth $327,372,398 over the course of his 20-season career, KG is the highest-paid baller in NBA history. The 15-time All-Star player’s biggest single-season salary was $28 mill, according Business Insider. But he really cashed-out during the 1997-98 NBA season, when the seasoned power forward/center was awarded an unprecedented 6-year $126 million contract that many critics believe was the prelude to the 1998 NBA lockout. As Garnett nears the 40-mark, he continues to stack up the checks, all while showing these young cats a thing or two about balling out–literally and figuratively.

Sources: Business Insider & Hoops Hype


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