Do Black Men Really Want to See Black Women Without Weaves, Silicone Butts & Makeup?

nicki anaconda

I’m no stranger to witnessing male relatives and friends turn their noses at females horsed-down in weave or buried in makeup. But with the popularity of social media, the criticism of false lashes, fake asses and and faux thatches has reached an all-time high. I know y’all see the memes and eye the disapproving comments.

How y’all look with all that makeup on:

dead makeup

Chicks be transforming like: 

makeup transformation

Let Black men tell it: They don’t want to run their fingers though train tracks; they don’t want their hands popped when they try to run their fingers through said tracks. “Weaves stink,” makeup “be deceiving n—as,” or females with butt shots look “too fake.”

However, these are the types of images getting all the love and attention:

blacc chyna

nicki minaj face

(No shade.)

I know a guy who condemned Black women who wore weaves, makeup, fake nails and flaunted surgeon-constructed bodies, but got exposed for lowkey boinking a fake-booty stripper with silicone tits, blonde weave and dust buster lashes. Yeah this kind:

fake eyelashes

With all the loud talk being muted with blatant contradictions, it’s hard to decipher if our men genuinely desire, and appreciate, butter brown women in our natural form. And as with any other trend or standard of beauty, Yaki weave, butt plumps and drawn on eyebrows would NOT get play if they weren’t getting any validation. (Snap, snap!)

Of course, every individual has their own preference, and many of our men do prefer to see their woman in a wavy Brazilian opposed to embracing her coily Kizzy. (Roots, people, Roots.) But from my experiences, there seems to be a large amount of Black men who blib and blab about what’s going on with their women’s obsession with hair that’s not theirs and loads of Maybelline that is piled on like they’re getting dressed for a casket date. And let me not start about the complaints I see when it comes to this dreadful new butt-shot booty trend.

With that said, I just want to know: Do Black men really want to see us in our bare skin? Blackheads, blemishes, scars, dark marks and all? Can you brothas really handle the unpermed naps and comb-breaking kinks? Are you 2015 dudes truly attracted to Black women who don’t spend half a day ironing weaves, contouring jawlines or posing with spanking new plastic booties tooted for the whole world to see?

Somebody please let me know, ’cause I’m confused. As hell.

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4 Comments on Do Black Men Really Want to See Black Women Without Weaves, Silicone Butts & Makeup?

  1. FOR ME it all come down to how good a individual female looks when they have no make up and natural hair. FOR ME when i see a girl that looks bad with out make up i don’t wanna her getting cashier ready all you really me is something to make your skin tone even… as long as you do that you you will look fine. 1 more thing tho if a man wants to run his fingers through your hair he either wants to play with dreads or hair with white tendencies. If all he wants to do is play with it like how you when women with afros do when you’re fixing it in the mirror he likes puffy afto type hair.

  2. As a dark-skinned female, I HATE makeup. I think it’s deceiving and looks fake as hell. Makeup was first used to enhance a look. A little mascara, lip gloss, blush, (maybe a light eyeshadow) but now girls go cake face just to go to the store or put on makeup even when they’re going to the pool and don’t actually get in. They literally put on makeup, a bikini or cute pool outfit, take pics and post on their snapchat and leave. This literally occurred yesterday. Men just love to rant when they actually like that because they like that “polished look”. But my worst fear is wearing makeup and a guy think I’m ugly without it. Like do girls think this through? If girls took care of their skin, hair, and body they wouldn’t have anything to hide.. But unfortunately, they aren’t going through the process.

  3. I guess your looks should not be the basis on how you should be treated and accepted. That is cruel to say if you do so. I would like to say that we all have different culture and ways. That is reality. We need to respect each other. Let me share to yo about this funny stuff of mine the new fake ultrasound design from fake ababy. It is very funny and entertaining. I know you will love it.

  4. Little boys who cannot control their sexual urges are the only ones falling over these females who do whatever they can to look like some sexual object. If some female is spending countless dollars to “upgrade” her physical body, then what does she expect? Those boys only see SEX, and that’s what a Woman who does those things is putting out there. So, she reaps what she sows.
    A REAL MATURE MAN isn’t impressed with a female who wears all that fake stuff and accessories for attention. The Mature Man knows that a Woman that is also mature is like the Lady in Proverbs 31. A mature Woman has the proper heart condition. She knows God reads the heart of an individual, so she strives to upgrade herself from the inside out.
    Now, on to your topic of confusion. It appears you’re confused because you’re hearing REAL MATURE BLACK MEN say they don’t want to be involved with a female who is fake on any level, no matter how superficially attractive she made herself, for he knows that person she is presenting herself to be isn’t her at all, actually. You’re seeing IMMATURE BLACK BOYS (guys that should be Men but aren’t mentally there) lust after these Women no matter how much fakery or trickery was involved because that particular female is just a fantasy to him.
    When MATURE BLACK MEN see that fakeness on a Black female, he isn’t interested in her as a life partner, for he needs to know the Woman all the way, inside and out. When a female goes all out to disguise her true self, he can’t see her for who she is, so he won’t entertain her.
    When IMMATURE BLACK BOYS see that fakeness, it doesn’t matter because he isn’t looking for a life partner, just sex.
    Please, BLACK WOMEN, realize that just as some Black Women will exploit a simp who is trying to “buy” her affection, some Black Men (Men is used here b/c they are over 18) will only be interested in you if you are dressed in a manner that suggests that you are looking for that Video Vixen attention. What you dress like that if you were on your way to meet Jesus himself one on one? I sincerely doubt it.
    Real Men want Real Women.
    Real Women want Real Men.
    A FAKE Man wants a fantasy of a Woman.
    A FAKE Woman wants a fantasy of a Man.
    You attract the type of person you are and you get exactly what you put out there.
    Question is: What are you attracting, and why?

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