And the ‘Father of the Year’ Award Goes to…Dad Teaches Bully Son a Lesson by Making Him Fight a Pro Boxer

Many people believe that publicly scolding your children is the wrong way to go about parenting, especially when it comes to sharing the punishment on social media. But I say certain situations make it appropriate, especially in the case of bullying. Why? It’s a school yard plight that has occurred for centuries, and continues to terrorize innocent children and teens all across the globe. Victims who suffer from bullying experience public displays of humiliation everyday, so it’s only right that the ruffians inflicting this type of torment get a chance to see what if feels like. Well, thanks to this cool dad, one bully got hit with that lesson the hard way–literally.

After finding out his his son played role of one of the big bad bulldozers, this dad took it upon himself to reverse the roles and match his kid against a professional boxer. And from the looks of things, I doubt if Mr. Tough Guy will be pushing over the neighborhood “nerds” anytime soon. In other words, little “big” man got some sense knocked into him.

Kudos to Pops!


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