Fashion Killa of the Week: Austin Moise

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Ethnic background: Haitian
Hometown: Brooklyn , New York
Age: 29 years old
Twitter/IG: @kool_1
Style: Simple, yet sophisticated
Fashion inspiration:  Cultural background, environment, GQ Magazine
Celebrity Fashion Heroes: Usher and Kanye West
Weapon of choice: Hugo Boss jacket
What is your go-to accessory: 
“I look clean in whatever I rock, but my blazer is always like the cherry on top.
“Wherever I arrive, my signature loafers  are sure to spark ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs.'”

With a wardrobe as colorful as his Brooklyn background, Austin Moise boasts style that is fearlessly bold, and effortlessly vibrant. He epitomizes simplistic sophistication, magnetic uniqueness, and is no stranger to a sprinkle here and there of swagged-out street wear.

Read on to learn about Mr. Moise’s views on fashion, his favorite designer and his future plans in the fashion industry.

CM: Clearly, you’re into bright, bold colors, which is not that common in men’s fashion. What makes you drawn to colorful attire? And what advice would you give to men who are afraid to add that splash of vibrancy into their wardrobe?

Austin: Yes, I love bright and bold colors! I think my [Haitian] background has drawn me into it [laughs]. We love bright colors. My advice [to men] is never be afraid to try something different; you never know how you would look and how others would appreciate it on you. A lot of us are afraid of colors it’s just because we just don’t like to take risks.

I agree. Speaking of taking risks, you seem to switch up your look a lot. But what are you most comfortable wearing: something casual, yet stylish, or a nice tailored suit?

Yes, I do [like to switch up my look]. It depends on the occasion because i love been versatile, but i feel more comfortable wearing a nice, tailored suit.

So, you have your own fashion blog. How long have you been blogging and what are your goals as a blogger? Do you plan on making a career out of this, or is fashion blogging just a hobby?

I have been blogging for one-and-a-half years now, and I am planning on making a career out of it. But [when I started], it was just a hobby because fashion really comes natural to me.

Besides blogging, are you pursuing other aspects of fashion on a professional level?

Yes, I am pursuing styling on a professional level because I am good at helping people keep up clothes and helping them with their wardrobe.

Since you’re into styling, I know you have to have a favorite designer to dress your clients in?

I like Davidson Petit-Frere, he has a great suit collection.

For you, what’s the best thing about fashion?

The best thing about fashion is you can be different and dress the best way that fits your personality.

In your opinion, what’s the number one rule in fashion?

The number one rule is take risks; don’t be afraid of trying new things.

What makes you a “fashion killa”?

I am a fashion killa because my style refects my personality. I take chances. And when I do, it doesn’t look forced, everything just come naturally.

See for yourself. Flip through the tabs to get a look at some of Austin’s most fashionable moments.

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