Angry Wife Goes Off After Catching Cheating Husband at His Mistress’ House

angry wife catches husband at gfs house

We’ve all done crazy things for love. And sometimes, those crazy things include going crazy! Like this wife who busted her lowdown dirty dog husband tippin’ at his side thang’s crib—again. (Smh.) Homegirl was beyond pissed, but it seems like the bulk of her anger was directed at the other woman, instead of her trifling, cheating spouse. (Rolls eyes.) From the looks of things, there’s a good chance this raging wife went right back to Mr. No Good, so she pretty much made a public spectacle out of herself for nothing.

But hey, who am I to judge?

I know all too well the type of anger, betrayal and pain that she’s feeling in that moment, and that emotional combo can be killer! There aren’t too many things that are worse than giving your all to someone, only to have them play you like a fiddle. Thus, this type of reaction. But I will say as women, we need to learn how to do better when it comes to not only choosing our men, but holding these grown ass men accountable for their actions instead of automatically jumping on the other woman. Because, just as it unfolds in this video, the man always gets away scot free, while we are made to look like fools fighting over disrespectful punks, pussies and cowards.

But I can’t front, as despicable as this scene may be, it is pretty funny! My mans was gone!

What are your thoughts?

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