Street Where Sandra Bland was Arrested to Be Renamed After Her

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While the question of #WhatHappenedToSandraBland still lingers in our hearts, heads, homes, and of course, on social media, the students of Prairie View A&M stepped up and made a move to ensure that Bland’s name will never be forgotten.

Joined by members of Bland’s family, hundreds of alumni and current students of Prairie View rallied Tuesday to have University Boulevard, the street where Bland was unjustly arrested, changed to Sandra Bland Parkway, ABC 13 reports. They marched from the university’s student union building to City Hall, where the name change was ultimately finalized by the Prairie View City Council. The students even stopped at the site where Bland was arrested to memorialize the late Black Lives Matter advocate.

As previously reported, Bland, who was an alumna of Prairie View A&M, was illegally arrested and found dead in a Waller County jail cell just days before she was scheduled to take on her dream job at the university last month. There are still questions surrounding the nature of her death, and what really happened to Bland behind those Waller County jail walls (the family’s independent investigation is still underway), but this new feat will always keep Sandy’s case relevant, and hopefully help to unveil the truth.

Many believe that the name change will also aid in improving the relationship between A&M students and local officers.

“If every time they pull over a student, they have to be reminded of what took place here, then that will help the relationship to be more respectful between the officers and the students,” one protester, Hannah Bonner, said.

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