Master Loctician Discovers a Way to Create Instant Locs


instant locs

If you have locs, or have ever maintained someone’s hair who was starting locs, then you know those beginning stages are completely awkward, frustrating and messy! But one brilliant loctician has discovered a smooth method that will due away with that difficult frizz-ridden baby phase altogether.

Coming straight out of Dubai, stylist Kris McDred had unveiled his skillful “instant locs” technique using a crochet hook and modeling gel. Now, being a master loctician and all, McDred makes it look all-too easy. But let’s not get it twisted (pun intended): Instant locs are not as simple as ABC or 123!

If you have no experience crocheting, this is a formula that you’ll definitely need to keep on rewind and repeat. But the end-results are beyond legit and takes the pain (and aggravation) out of growing beautiful, long, luscious locs!

Take a look.

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  1. Wow. That’s really cool. I don’t have a big hair, but I appreciate these hairstyle.

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