Hit or Miss?: T-Pain Sings the National Anthem at a LA Dodgers Game, WITHOUT Auto-Tune!

Monday August 31,2015; T-Pain sings the national anthem before the Dodgers game. San Francisco Giants vs. Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles CA.

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tpain national anthem

Yes, no auto-tune.

Surprised? Well, don’t be. If you’ve never heard T-Pain‘s voice without the help of all the extras, then let me tell you now: That boy can sang! The first time I got an ear-full of what Mr. Tallahasse was working with, I was more than surprised that his voice didn’t sound like a burned-out old-head who’d been sucking on a crack pipe for the majority of his life.

But then I heard the “rappa ternt sanga” belting out the National Anthem at the LA Dodgers game on Monday. And all that just changed.

No… just no.

Listen to Pain’s (painful) rendition below.

What are your thoughts? Did T-Pain knock it out the park, or did he go alllll the way left field?

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