Get Ready! Celebrity Chef Ameer Natson Dishes on His Upcoming Line of Organic Seasonings

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During his interview for our “Hustler of the Month” column back in August, Celebrity Chef Ameer Natson announced that he was about to bless the culinary world with a fresh line of organic seasonings. Well, the time is almost near! So Miss CM caught up with the hardworking cuisine king for this part two interview where Chef A gives us the scoop on what inspired the healthy line of blends, what we can expect from it, and every dash of zest in-between.

CM: Your line of organic seasonings is about to drop soon. What inspired you to produce your own blend of spices?

Chef A: Yessir! The miracles-in-a-bottle are set to drop mid-September, and trust me, I am as excited as so many of our customers [at Planet Grill & Juice Bar] are! We plan on launching the e-commerce site where all of our blends will be available for purchase [as well]! The inspiration came from customers and individuals always asking me the secrets to my tasty dishes, ‘How do you make these veggies so good?’ ‘What type of seasoning did you use on this chicken?’ And etc. So I’ve always been one to identify a missing piece and create that piece… thus, Taste Organic Spice Co. was born! Not to mention, it had to be God who engineered every corner I turned; there was a provision made to bring this vision to pass.

What can people expect from Taste Organic Spices?

A level of quality I don’t think many of my customers have seen in a long time. I have infused so much of my passion and love for culinary into these blends it’s crazy; I probably haven’t slept since the inception of them. It’s like birthing something and understanding the importance of nurturing it. I value quality and consistency, attention to detail and precision, and I will settle for nothing less as it relates to Taste Organic seasoning blends.

From experiencing your cuisine and knowing you on a more personal level, I know that you’re really into healthy, clean eating. Why is serving healthy food to your clients and customers something that is important to you?

Interestingly, my specialty is French-fusion and Southern-French, but I began to discover the missing piece and that was healthy and tasty food. It’s like we bring swag to food and create a flare of culinary that is rare. We’re bringing food back to the way we used to see it. And because so many of my customers have had health or lifestyle difficulties as a result of not having healthy, tasty food, I decided to create the missing piece.

How long did it take you to concoct the perfect mix of seasonings? And was it a tedious process?

It took no time, [but] it was tedious. The company that holds the secret recipe to my blends is located in California, so traveling and constantly tasting and looking for the perfect blend was a challenge, but nonetheless, it was an amazing process.

Which blend is your personal favorite? 

The All Purpose blend/ Vegetable blend is my absolute favorite! I’ll soon be launching a campaign and its called ‘We’re Bringing Veggies Back.’ There is just some magic in this blend that makes veggies taste amazing and gives them life again.

Which blend do you think consumers will like this most?

The Chef’s Signature blend, I’m sure it will be very popular. It’s a multi-purpose blend and can be used on poultry and fish. [Also] I have a customer that I gave a bottle to [as a] sample and they use it in their morning breakfast omelet, so I’m sure that gold bottle will be the hit.

I know you have high expectations for your line of seasonings. How do you plan to take it to the level you envision it will go?

By putting it in the hands of people that can appreciate it and who will share how amazing their experience was with it. We’re doing a tour with the blends and we just did [a tasting event using the blends for] Power 105.1’s [The Breakfast Club]. We’re planning the Elvis Durand show on z100, and a few other syndicated shows, so we’re working.

Sounds good. How will people be able to purchase Taste Organic Spices?

They will be available for purchase exclusively at our Planet Grill & Juice Bar location [on Route 22 in Union, NJ], and people will also be able to purchase them from our soon-to-be released blog and e-commerce website.

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