Remember This?: ‘Cousin Skeeter’

cousin skeeter

Whether you were a kid, preteen, or full-blown adult, if you were into Nickelodeon during the late ’90s, chances are, you LOVED Cousin Skeeter! Despite the fact that Skeeter was a loudmouth and a puppet (and he was always getting his cousin Bobby into some trouble [lol!]), you can’t deny the fact that he was as smooth as he wanted to be. Especially with the ladies! And let’s not forget that he was HILARIOUS! But talk about his height and lil’ man would turn into the Hulk! Haha! Oh, and I know I’m not the only one who used to gawk at big-headed Nina (played by Meagan Good) and think, She’s so cute! Who knew she would grow into the breath-taking beauty (and hottie with a body) that she is today?

But Besides pretty little Nina, Skeeter, and his shenanigans with Bobby, I can’t forget about the show’s theme song. That had to be my favorite part of the series.

Need to refresh your memory?

Skeeter and Bobby really thought they were in a Ma$e and Diddy music video…LMAO!

Aaah! The good ol’ days.

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