Bobby Brown to Release Memoir Detailing His Relationship with Whitney, Death of Bobbi Kristina + More

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Bobby Brown has been having it tough, well…pretty much his whole life. But these past few years have been hell for the R&B icon. From the death of his ex-wife and love of his life, Whitney Houston, to the recent passing of his daughter, Bobbi Kristina, the man has been going through it. So how is he channelling all of this grief? In the form of a memoir. Yep, you heard it right. According to People, his memoir, aptly titled “My Prerogative,” is set to release June 2016 by Dey Street Books.

Now, I’m sure there will be tons of opinions on whether or not this new book move is being done in tact, especially considering the fact that Bobbi Kristina’s death is still fresh, but Brown reportedly signed the book deal before his tragic loss.

“Right after I signed on to write my story, I went through one of the most agonizing traumas I had ever experienced with the death of my daughter [Bobbi Kristina],” Brown stated in the release.

For Bobby, including the deets of his daughter’s death made way for a cathartic experience. “I was surprised by how therapeutic it was to work on this project, to look at the entire arc of my life and to realize that although there has been considerable pain, I have also been incredibly blessed.”

As previously mentioned, the memoir will also reveal the ups sand downs of the former New Edition star’s tumultuous relationship with Ms. Houston. So yeah…this should be interesting. But as downright messy as I know many of you believe this book deal to be, I’m sure it won’t stop you all from jumping in line to cope it when it drops. (Rolls eyes.)

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