New App Helps Your Beau Concoct the Perfect Proposal

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We all get a little teary-eyed whenever we see those cutesy viral videos of thoughtful men who compose fairytale proposals for their future wives; the guy who surprised his unsuspecting gf during a Bulls Halftime show, the Aussie dude who went all out in a crowded movie theater…. But in reality, not all guys are that creative or romantic. So when you’re in a serious relationship with a man that you know lacks in the lovey dovey department, you can get a bit worried when you think about how he’ll pop the big question. (Because, yeah…it’s been a few years and it’s time boo boo, it’s time.)

But have no fear, the Vashi Proposal Generator is here! This awesome little engine requires men to answer four questions about their lady so that it can pump out the optimum proposal scenario, or opt for the “Surprise Me” option for a dose of spontaneity.

So to all the fellas out there struggling with a blueprint that’ll sweep your future wifey off her feet, it might be a good idea to get that Vashi poppin’!

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