WATCH: Official Video of the Ugandan Kids Whose “Gullah, Gullah Island” Dance is Lighting Up Social Media

I came across this video on Facebook after one of my FB friends shared it a few weeks ago. My initial reaction? These kids killed it! But then I was curious. “What country are they from? And where is the original video that produced this clip,” I asked myself. Because I was for damn sure that these little village kiddies weren’t really getting busy to “Gullah, Gullah Island nigga, Gullah, Gullah Island bitch.”

So I went digging. And I found out that this clip, that has now gotten millions on top of millions of views, was recorded in Uganda and is originally from a music video by Afro-pop artist Hanson Baliruno. Take a look.

Anywho, just thought this video was soooooo dope, and showcases even further how beautifully diverse and talented Black people are. (As if we didn’t know that already.) So I just had to share it. Sigh.. I swear I love my people!

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