Hustler of the Month: Chyreise Nicole Lambert, Professional Hair Stylist and Entrepreneur

February 2016

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Name: Chyreise Nicole Lambert
Age: “33-years-young”
Ethnic Background: Trinidadian-American
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Businesses: Beauty and the Chic Hair Studio (116 N. Wood Ave., Linden, NJ); Hello Gorgeous! (1567 Irving St. Rahway, NJ); ChyreiseNicole Accessories
FB/IG (Hello Gorgeous!): Hello Goregeous NJ; @hellogorgeousnj
IG (Beauty and the Chic): @beauty_and_thechic

When you think of a successful business woman, you think of someone who is ambitious, intelligent, a master at juggling multiple responsibilities and an all-around go-getter. With three thriving businesses on her back, and undeniable talent to match, Chyreise Lambert is, well…just that. She started exploiting her natural knack for hairstyling as a teen, and has since grown into one of the most renowned beauticians in Rahway, NJ. But not only is she coiling curls and weaving wigs at her popular hair salon, Beauty and the Chic, Mrs. Lambert is also co-owner of the woman’s clothing boutique Hello Gorgeous!, all while serving up sizzling accessories to match her hot threads through ChyreiseNicole Accessories.

Now, that’s a hustler!

Read on to learn more about how this brilliant beauty got started, her tricks to juggling three booming businesses on top of being a wife and a full-time mom, and how she plans to keep the ball rolling.

CM: You have three businesses, but you started off with your hair empire. Was doing hair something you were always fond of, even as a kid?

Chyreise: I was always very artistic, especially with my hands. I started off doing sketch art in elementary school and when I moved to Rahway, NJ from Brooklyn, NY, I elevated to collecting my friends’ school pictures and creating 8 x 10 versions of the pictures. That was when I was in 7th and 8th grade. Then one day, I asked my mother to show me how to box braid and she did. When I went to school after spring break of my freshman year in high school, I was asked who braided my hair. Of course, people were skeptical [when I told them I had done it myself] because I was told my parts were too perfect in the back, so how could I have done that?

Anyhow, I showed and proved when I started box-braiding and micro-braiding for $50. I thought I was balling [laughs]. Every Saturday, I had clients come to my house to get their hair done. I even had a local barber, Mr. Bob, call me to box braid at the salon where he was cutting hair. That’s when I knew I had a talent, and I explored that through Rahway High School’s program for students to get a certificate in a trade while getting a high school diploma.

What inspired you to open your own shop?

I have only worked at two locations. Angie’s Mad Visions was the first salon I was employed at. That was in Rahway on Main St. When she sold it I stayed, but the new owner sold it shortly thereafter so I took it as a sign to move on. I was recommended to a salon in Linden called Class I Kuts. I grew and learned a lot from the owner in my 10-plus years of being employed there.

Reise salon

Inside Chyreise’s Beauty and the Chic salon. 

In January 2014, I was told about a barbershop closing and I should go look at the space. It all happened so fast. I was told about the space on a Friday. Went to spy on it on a Monday. Was shown the inside on a Tuesday. Talked to my [then] boss that Thursday during a snowstorm because I was unsure, but I knew however the conversation went I would be guided to either remain or grow and spread my wings. Then that Friday I put down the deposit and signed the lease. My clients were so excited [because] they had been asking me for years when I was getting my own shop and my reply was ‘NEVER!!’ Now look!

Since you have such a loyal clientele, that obviously means you’re good at what you do. Give us the rundown of some of your specialties or styles you’re known for.

I am known for my weaving techniques. I am always told I have ‘growing hands.’ I care for the hair that is under my flawless installs. My clients can either rock their natural hair or leave it protected under the artificial hair install.

So you style natural hair as well?

Yes I do! [I make sure] my clients hair stops breaking and flourishes whether it’s natural or relaxed.

Apart from your salon, you also have your accessory line and clothing boutique in motion. How did you get into selling  jewelry and gear?

I always wanted a clothing boutique. Every now and then I would order select pieces under the ChyreiseNicole Accessories name and sell it to my friends. For instance, I was a vendor at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC for Circle of Sisters 2013, so I ordered clothing that we wore as a uniform and people just raved about the outfits—they wanted to buy them! So I guess that’s really how I knew people wanted ‘stand out’ but comfortable clothing.


Hello Gorgeous!

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