It’s Official: May 19th is Malcolm X Day!

malcolm x day

Last week, I ran across this brilliant meme on Instagram, posted by a popular African unification page. And I think it’s absolutely GENIUS! (I’m over here like, Why didn’t I think of that?) By now, we all know that Black leaders (inventors, business owners, history-makers…shall I continue?) don’t get the recognition that they deserve in this—how should I put it?—white-washed world. But why are we depending on them to acknowledge us anyway?

With the magic of social media, we now hold even more POWER in our hands! We no longer need validation or approval from media outlets, reporters or the government. We have the tools and the aptitude to make things happen on our own. With that said, let’s start doing just that. The sacrifices that Malcolm X Shabazz made to empower and strengthen our people run deep, and it’s time that WE mark his legacy with a day of celebration. May 19th, his birthday! So share, like, post, repost, and repost some more, until errbody and their mommas know about Malcolm X Day, starting this May!

What better way to kick off Black History Month?

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