Jamaican Comedian Parodies Eyebrow-Drawing Tutorials

eyebrow parody

You have to admit that these days, women are going just a liiiiiiiiiitle bit too far with the makeup thing. Conceal this, contour that, to a point where it’s like, “How the f**k do you get to work and school on time? You really do this sh*t everyday B?” And when it comes to these eyebrows, ladies are doing the absolute MOST to have their twin bits of hair strips fleeked up and fleeked out. So, of course, this is perfect material for all the comedians of the world.

Hence, rising social media sensation, Bella Blair. The young Jamaican star took it upon herself to make a mockery out of the eyebrow-shaping trend, and it is HEE-LA-RI-OUS! (Don’t take offense ladies, these are only jokes. Some of y’all look fierce with those painted-on brows. Notice how I said, “some.”)

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