Struggling with Severe Dandruff or Itchy, Dry Scalp? One of These Trusted Remedies is Sure to Do the Trick!

dry scalp remedies

Dry, itchy scalp is a pain! And dandruff, whew—even worse! It can disrupt your whole day and cause you to go nearly nutty whilst you toggle between doing the itchy-ritchy dance and performing magical backbends for your boss. Oh, and let’s not talk about the human hail storm that rains down whenever you flex your neck or twirl your curls. (Smh.) And hitting the dab? Forget about it!

dab n flakes

After dealing with (and treating) a sudden onset of mild dandruff a few years back, and recently curing a severe case of flake-cakes on my younger sister’s dome, I’ve concocted a list of (mostly natural) dandruff-eradicating miracles! While all of these remedies may not work for you (everyone’s body chemistry is different),  there’s a 99.99999% chance that at least one will! Hey, it’s worth a try!

Check ’em out…

UPDATE: I recently started my own line of health and beauty products, CM’s Naturals. And when I say my whipped hair and body butters are freaking MAGICAL, I mean it! They’re absolutely perfect for dry hair and scalp problems, dry skin too! Hell, these all-purpose butters can clear up those flurries, wipe out your eczema, oil your beard, and shine up your shoes too! Visit to check them out and get a full list of uses.

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