Hot or Not?: Glow in the Dark Hair

glow in the dark hair

Rainbow tresses were the waves in 2015, but this year, fashion fanatics are taking this hair thing to a whole new galaxy! (Really!) Since the beginning of 2016, glow-in-the-dark hair dyes have been gaining momentum among women who not only want to stand out in the day, but sparkle in the night. (Well, if the “night” is in the form of a black light.)

Interested in this new craze but worried about harsh chemicals making your strands weak, jacked and looking like this?

edward scissorhands

Don’t be!

“Glow in the dark colors are temporary dyes and are completely gentle and safe for your hair,” Matrix SoColor Stylist George Papanikolas told “The only thing is that they look best over highlighted and previously lightened hair.”

So far, popular suppliers include brands like Splat, Iglow, and Maniac Panic. Need some examples? Welp, here ya go!

glow in the dark rainbow

And another one…

glow in the dark wig

And another one…

glow in the dark weave

Wait, one more…

glow in the dark ponytail

Pretty cool, huh?

…Or not!

What do you think people? Is glow-in-the-dark hair absolutely awesome or just downright lame?

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