Harriet Tubman to Replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 Bill!

harriet tubman

A former slave on the face of some (American) money? How ironic, majestic, and oh so powerful! Yes, all these things in one.

So what’s the backstory? Feminist leaders have been pushing for a woman to snag some face time for a while now. (I mean, we only have 7 bills and they’re all pretty much plastered with pompous White male bigots. Not a problem. Nope, not at all.)

With the national call for an American shero to get some shine, talks of our girl Harriet Tubman gracing the face of the $20 bill have been circulating for the past year. 

But now, it’s official!

According to POLITICO, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew will announce Wednesday plans to knock Andrew Jackson to the back of the bus and put Ms. Tubman in the front seat. So not only will the Underground Railroad proprietor become the first woman on the face of an American bill, but the first Black historical leader! How HUGE is that?!

Okay, I know you’re still celebrating, but I have to drizzle on the parade. Jackson will not be bunked from the bill completely. (Sucks, I know.) He’ll most likely get a nice boot to the back. (But oh, the irony!)

Now, back to the good news: Queen Harriet’s new place on the 20 is not the only change coming to our White male supremacist American cream.

Jew is set to unveil a whole slew of alterations, including putting civil rights leaders on the back of the $5 bill, as well as pillars from the women’s suffrage movement on the back of the $10 bill.

New designs for the mula are projected to be ready by 2020.

Despite the crazy wait, isn’t it swell to know that people who actually built this country and made it possible for America to even have its own currency are finally being represented on it?

About damn time! 

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