[Review] Battle of the Lip Balms: Maybelline’s Baby Lips vs. EOS’ Visibly Soft


When it comes to lip balms, we all want an affordable little jewel that keeps us moist, makes our lips kissably soft and whips away those nasty cracks and peels brought on by the winter wind and summer heat. Well, ever since EOS’ line of lip magic plopped onto the scene, they’ve been making a big splash, but I gotta say, Maybelline’s Baby Lips is a force to be reckoned with as well.

But which is better?

After months of lathering my lips with balms from each line,  I would have to go with…well, first, here’s what I have to say about my experiences with both.


Baby Lips (“Peach Kiss”) 

Moisture: 5*
Softness/Conditioning: 3.5
Shine: 5
Taste/Scent: 1

I copped the “Peach Kiss” edition of Maybelline’s Baby Lips line (mostly because purple is my favorite color and the tube is, yup you guessed it, purple!) and I absolutely love it! It gives your peckers long-lasting moisture, keeps ’em smooth ‘n soft and gives you incredible shine! (Plus a cute hint of color, which is good for those days you don’t want to cake on the lipstick but still want your lips to pop.)

Definitely my go-to lip fix since I first got hip to it back in September 2015.

*Based on a 5-point scaled


EOS Visibly Soft Lip Balm (“Blackberry Nectar”) 

Moisture: 5
Softness/Conditioning: 5
Shine: 1
Taste/Scent: 4

I absolutely LOVE EOS’ Blackberry Nectar Visibly Soft Lip Balm ! (Again, I chose this particular flavor because it comes in a purple container and I love purple that damn much!) I especially use it at night time when my lips feel a little

i love lucy dry throat.gif


It’s also good for those days when my lips need good lovin’, but don’t want visible evidence, aka crazy shine. (Yep, this balm is just that, a balm. No shine. At all.) The best use I get out of the little lip-buttering magical ball is when I need a great moisturizer to use under a really dry lippie. (Mostly makeup products that aren’t really meant to go on your lips—like liquid eyeshadow…[shrugs].)   And did I mention that it smells and tastes great?

Definitely a keeper!

So, now that I’ve said my piece on these two wonderful lip conditioners, which one would I pick if I had to choose?

Well, if I was going on which one provided the best moisture and did the best job softening my lips, I would definitely go with EOS’ Visibly Soft line. Hands down. When it comes to a everyday balm that butters up your peckers while giving you a cute hint of color and shine just short of a gloss, the award goes to Baby Lips.

With that said, they’re both great balms that I definitely plan to continue using. That is, until I start making my own. Yeah, keep your eyes and ears open because that’s coming really soon! (Winks.)




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