Popular Black Hair Care Lines That Are REALLY Black-Owned!

black owned hair lines

When it comes to Black hair, there are hundreds of lines bubbling with products that boast the ability to tame, strengthen and beautify our manes. But don’t be fooled! Just because their products are pictured with smiling bronzed faces donning Lady of Rage puffs or Elle Varner curls DOES NOT mean that they know anything about #BlackSalonProblems. (O-kaaaay! Two snaps!)

Plus, anyone dealing with the kinks, curls and coils of African-derived hair knows that it takes EXPERIENCE to know what is BEST for our beautifully-complicated tresses. (Not to mention it’s good to know which brands are operated by Black and Brown faces for those of us who are into supporting our own.)

So which top lines on the market are REALLY for us and BY us?

Here’s a look at some of the  most popular Black hair brands that are owned by folks who not only sell Black hair products, but can use them too.

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7 Comments on Popular Black Hair Care Lines That Are REALLY Black-Owned!

  1. Did some research. Found that Shea Moisture is now owned by Unilever, a British-Dutch company.

  2. Mixed does not equal black. These are not just black owned buinesses. Stop pretending mixed race people don’t exist. You may as well say Ms Jessies is Asian owned in that sense.

  3. Thanks for the information but you forgot about Mane Choice. I personally use Design Essentials products the most.

  4. Some of these need to be taken off the list unfortunately.

  5. Great article! Thanks for writing this. More consumers need to know the truth. I noticed one major company that was missing: Bronner Brothers. Please add them if you update this article.

    • Peace Queen! Didn’t realize Bronner Brothers made hair care products. I know they’re famous for their hair shows, and that’s about all. But I’ll be sure to do my research and get that in order. Thanks for the info!

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