#MCM: Irvin Randle, The 54-Year-Old ‘GrandZADDY’ Breaking the Internet

irvin neyo hat

This past week, girlies all over the world have been drooling over a new internet sensation. And no, he’s not your typical shirtless 20-something, but a 54-year-old gray-haired Paw-Paw with a hard bod and style for days!

Once the ‘net got a whiff of the swagged-out senior citizen, he started trending on Twitter as #MrStealYourGrandma. But when word got back to the Texas native, he told Houston Chronicle that he didn’t even know what that meant! (Ha!)

Despite his lack of internet savvy, that can’t take away the fact that this is one HOT grandpa! (He’ll steal your grandma and your girl!)

Haven’t heard of him yet? Well, it’s time to feast your eyes on this beautiful fine wine. And boy, he is fine! (Don’t say I didn’t warn ya, just thank me later!)

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