Solange Knowles Announces She’s Banking Black!

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In the wake of the murders of Alton Sterling and Philandro Castile, Black folks all over have been looking for ways to both effect change and combat White supremacy, including celebrities. Last week, Solange Knowles added her name to the list of Black entertainers taking a stand when she announced her decision to bank Black via Instagram.

She wrote:


“While I realize this is a very personal decision and thing to share, I’m proud to say I made that step today. Time to literally put my money where my mouth is. I can not vouch for any of these institutions, but if you are interested in the information, @saintheron has posted the list (via hbcu money)…”

(Snaps fingers) YAAAAAAS!

But Solo is not the only melanated star pushing for folks to bank Black. Rappers like Killer Mike, who played a key role in getting 8,000 people to open accounts at Atlanta’s Citizen’s Trust, have also vocalized their support of Black financial institutions.

What better way to get some change rolling than to hit our oppressors where it really hurts…in their pockets?

Kudos to Solange and everyone else who’s used their platform for the greater good. Definitely plan to move my money ASAP! And I encourage every Black and Brown face to do the same!

(Fists up!)

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