Today’s Funny: Girl Glues Away Eyebrows, Then Draws On New Ones

When it comes to these eyebrow tutorials, girls be doing the MOST! If you’re offended, then you’re probably one of the brainless  overly-zealous amateur makeup artists who’s shamefully uploaded a crazy tutorial (or two) of you taking this makeup thing a liiiiiiiitle too far.

Hence home girl who decided it would be a good idea to glue down her brows just to pencil another set on top.

wtf face nick young

Yeah, not even kidding.

And you wanna know what? Apparently, this stupid-ass just-a-tad-bit-weird makeup trick is used by seasoned makeup artists who like to f*ck up your real brows, just so long as they get to make your face look like a fifth grade art project.

wtf face nick young

Need to see this sh*t for yourself? Just watch the video above. (Sigh.)

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