Business Fun & Beauty Tour Kicked Off in Jersey & It Was Nothing Short of AMAZING!


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Female empowerment: Something that’s often hyped up and talked about, but doused out and watered down when it’s time to really ignite the flame. But at the Business, Fun & Beauty tour’s New Jersey stop this past Saturday (April 8), the fire burned bright, and girrrrrllll, was it lit!

Hosted by author Sheena E., communications strategist Afea Tucker,  and Love & Hip Hop star JuJu, the female empowerment tour kicked off at Bliss Lounge in Clifton, NJ and delivered everything that was promised.

The atmosphere was warm and welcoming, the music was live, the vendors were poppin’ and the panel of esteemed female entrepreneurs was super inspiring! (Not to mention, the food, which was catered by yet another successful Black female entrepreneur [Sharonda, owner and operator of Maplewood’s Bradfords Barr] was awesome sauce. No literally, the sauce on her food was awesome, sauce.)

No competition, no shady stares or comments, just female hustlers and bustlers coming together to encourage, uplift and support. The event’s main theme: UNITY!

During the panel discussion, Sheena E. reinforced this notion when she referenced the network of support shown by successful businesswomen in Atlanta.

“[Singer/reality star] Tiny posts [reality star/ex-wife of Lil Wayne] Toya, Toya posts [Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star] Rasheeda, they all make millions. We are stronger together.”

Co-host Afea added, “The more we do together, the more we can attain. More collaboration, less competitiveness.” (Clap, clap! Snap, snap!)

Encouraging the room full of women-preneurs to be unique in whatever ventures they pursue, JuJu dropped jewels on how to be successful in oversaturated industries where one could easily get lost in the mix.


“There are a lot of people selling hair. You could start a hair business, but how are you going to stand out? What products are you going to have that are going to be different from everybody else?” She topped off her sentiments with words of encourage for all business-minds looking to venture into entrepreneurship.”If you want to start a business, you can do it and don’t let nobody tell you that you can’t.”

Panelist Kali Kouture, owner of Kali Kouture Boutique in Newark, NJ, piggybacked by saying she’s been able to stand out in the fashion world by not only selling clothes, but learning how to sew, and actually making clothes herself.

Co-owners of Laced n Luxe Boutique, Brittney and Tiffany, injected sentiments of hard work and faith in self. All of this Black girl magic was topped off by a tremendously inspirational anecdote from Allison Kirk, self-proclaimed “Instagram stylist + strategist,” who shared her story of how she transformed strife as an uneducated, single, teenaged mom into victory as a rising #BlackGirlBoss.

Talk about motivation.

Besides getting some inspo and gathering deets for the blog, I was also there as a vendor, selling my line of health and beauty products, CM’s Naturals. (Gotta get those coins!) So it’s safe to that Business Fun & Beauty did me swell.

Long story short: this event was AWESOME!

The tour’s next stop is Plush Restaurant and Lounge in Richmond, VA. Click here for tickets and more deets.

In case you missed the Jersey wave, scroll through the tabs below for a glimpse of some of the event’s highlights.

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