[Poll] Who’s the Most Animated Rapper of All Time?

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Animated: full of life, action, or spirit; lively; vigorous.

When you think of hip hop music, there are a number of rap stars who’ve graced the world with not only their lyrics, but with their creativity, their liveliness and their passion. Whether it be through the way they wear their hair, the way they speak, their style of dress, funky videos, or just their overall presence, we’ve seen quite a few “animated” rap stars since the birth of the genre.

Although there have been many, here are the top hip hop luminaries that come to mind when I think about in-your-face swag and well, yeah, hyperactivity. Who’s the king of the crop? Take your pick.

Tough choice? Flip through the pages below to refresh your memory on just how animated these rap stars can be.

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