Hustler of the Month: Tanisha Lawerence, Owner of LAW Beauty Essentials

Tanisha Lawrence


Name: Tanisha Lawrence
Age: 27
Ethnic Background: Jamaican
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Business: LAW Beauty Essentials; Nail Polish Line
FB/IG/Twitter: Law Beauty Essentials; @lawbeautyessentials; @LAWBEAUTYESS

When you hear the words “vegan friendly,” the first thing that probably comes to mind are images of quinoa, veggie burgers and that God-awful tofu. In actuality, vegan friendly products are everywhere! From the foods we eat, to makeup lines, lip balms, lotions, soaps and dental hygiene. Even shoes have hit the market that say “no” to beef in these vegan streets.

But who’d ever think to craft a nail polish line suitable for those of us who are on the health conscious side? Or realize that it was even necessary?

Meet Tanisha Lawrence, owner of LAW Beauty Essentials, one of the few nail polish lines that boasts vegan friendly and toxin free ingredients. After brushing up her inner CEO and starting her line 3 years ago, Tanisha has been polishing the industry with cute colors that look good without killing our health (or our wallets!).

Miss CM caught up with the Brooklyn-bred boss (plus certified nail technician!) and got the fill-in on all things LAW Beauty Essentials.

CM: A nail polish line seems very complicated to tackle. What inspired you to start this business? And how did you do it?

Tanisha: I didn’t foresee how complicated owning a nail polish line was until I was in too deep, but I’m happy it happened this way, otherwise I might have talked myself out of it. It all started on Google. I researched how to start my own cosmetics line. The hardest part was finding the best manufacturer. I kept in my mind the goal of being a business owner and the financial stability it could bring me, along with doing what I love.

After calling countless numbers and sending several emails, I finally spoke to a manufacturer who was very helpful. I learned being shy wouldn’t help me in this business. You have to ask questions, even if the question [doesn’t relate to] the department that person works in; they [still] may be able to point you in the right direction. For example, my manufacturer doesn’t make my bottles, but they knew who would be able to.


LAW polish2

A line up of LAW’s staple colors. 


You’re line is vegan and toxin free. Explain to the people why this is important in a nail polish line.

At LAW Beauty Essentials, we take pride in being innovative. We are committed to staying in tune with the rapidly growing nail industry, which is why our formula is vegan friendly and 5 free. Many major brands use harmful ingredients to sustain what they think is a higher quality of nail polish. Here at LAW Beauty, we are determined to meet the same expectations as a high quality polish [line], while still using clean and new formulas.

These objectives can still be achieved without using the 5 harsh chemicals that have traces back to cancer. Finding alternate, healthier ingredients is LAW Beauty Essentials’ goal to ensure the same quality products customers desire. Our formulas are improved daily and looked into continually.

What are some of the harsh chemicals consumers should look out for when investing in polish?

LAW Beauty Essentials polishes are 5 free. It’s a term used to distinguish nail polishes that are made without 5 harsh chemicals used in many well known nail polish brands:

  1. Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) – known to cause life long reproductive impairments and also linked to cancer. Used in nail polish to increase flexibility and shine.
  2. Toluene – harmful to your nervous system. Inhaling high levels can cause light-headedness and nausea. Used in nail polish as a thinner and gives application a smooth finish.
  3. Formaldehyde – is a chemical used to embalm dead animals and humans. Can trigger asthma. Is a well known carcinogen (causes cancer). Used in nail polish as a hardener/preservative. Helps with chipping.
  4. Formaldehyde Resin – derivative of formaldehyde, however not as toxic; skin allergen known to cause dermatitis. Used in nail polish top coats as a nail strengthener.
  5. Camphor – poisonous. Can cause seizures and disorientation if used in large doses. Acts as a cover on your nails, which deprives them of nutrients and causes yellow staining on your nails.

[Defined with the help of MYNX London].

Are you involved in the crafting process of these lovely toxin free polishes? 

I’m very involved with all aspects of my business. I took a drive out to my manufacturer to meet the team. I met everyone from all departments. This way, when I call they will know it’s me! I was walked through the entire process of nail polish development. It’s quite fascinating.

Law polish w: flowers

How do you come up with your colors?

I choose my colors by building off of other colors and making my own changes. I decide on colors mostly by the season. Each season I release a new color I think is trendy for [that particular] time of the year. I also take surveys, read magazines, follow celebrities, and see what my competitors are doing. Then I think about what’s missing on the market and what I would like to see on the market.

Is that another reason you decided to create a vegan-friendly polish line, because you felt like it was something that was missing on the market?

Yes! I felt many of my peers did not know about vegan friendly nail polish. While I did not invent vegan friendly nail polish, I decided there were not enough polishes out there created by companies that cared.

If you had to wear one of the colors from you line everyday for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

If I had to wear one color from my line for the rest of my life, it would have to be “Pink Pouty Pout” because my favorite color is pink and I think pink nail polish can be worn year round. It was also the first color I chose for the line.

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