How Many of These Famous Black SHEROES Can You Name?

35 great ladies original

As I sat in the waiting area at my doctor’s office a few months back, I looked up and spotted this portrait of some pretty powerful historical Black women. Now to be honest, I knew that all of these faces were V.I.P., but sadly, I could only name nine. (I know, terrible.) So, I made it my mission to do some intensive research to find out who each and every one of these ladies were.

As it turns out, the portrait was painted by the incredibly talented Black artist, Hulis Mavruk, aptly titled “35 Great Ladies.” Once I stumbled upon this info, I was able to fill in all the missing pieces to the puzzle. (I will say that a few of these faces don’t really look like the actual people, which threw off my historical-Black-woman-recognizing skills [no shade Hulis]. Dope portrait nonetheless.)

While it’s clear that my history skills suck, yours may be a little more sharp…ooooorrrrr maybe not. How many of these famous female figures can you identify?

Flip to the next page to get the answers. (Some may surprise you.)

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  2. This is great! How do I go about using this in our local newspaper, The Nubian News, Trenton, NJ – just re-started publishing in Sept 2017

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