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jayz's mom

Celebrities: We love them, we hate them, we love to hate them. But if it weren’t for their mammies, there would be no one to love or hate. (Or harass on Instagram and Twitter. I mean, I don’t do that, but hey. Shrugs.)

Although their babies are the ones who are really in the spotlight, here’s a look at a few celebrity moms who’re stars in their own right.

Can you guess they’re names and the superstars they gave birth to?

1.  nicki minaj mom

It’s not hard to see where her superstar daughter got her good looks from. This smokin’ mama gave birth to one of the hottest female rappers of this era.

Who is she?

2.drake's mom

Her son loves to reference her in his music. As big as he is in the industry right now, there’s no way you haven’t heard her name a time or two.

Who is she?

3.  chris brown's mom2

This mom raised a superstar whose dance moves rival that of MJ, and whose vocals keep the ladies going crazy .

Who is she?

4.  beyonce solange and mom
Her eldest daughter is the biggest star on the planet. Her baby girl is a super fly soul sister who slays us with her fierce mane, funky music and and killer fashion. Heck, she’s so famous herself, she probably shouldn’t even be on this list. (I mean, who doesn’t know her?)

Who is she?

5.  momma dee2

A piping hot reality star, this mom is a luminary in her own right. You can catch her southern rapping son shinning right beside her on VH1’s hit reality series, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Who is she?

6.   jim jones mom

Also a reality star, this queen is THEE original Love & Hip Hop mom! She’s known for her viral internet hit “Psychotic B–tch,” (which she famously spelled wrong on her printed tees, but didn’t realize until her archnemesis daughter-in-law called it out during an unforgettable episode of LHH).

Who is she?

rihanna's mom

Even though she gave birth to one of the hottest female entertainers of today, this mom usually keeps it low-key. But she did step in the spotlight in 2013 when her star daughter brought her onstage as she received the American Music Awards’ first-ever Icon Award. (Proud mama.)

Who is she?

8.deb antney

This manager mom is known as a BOSS in the music industry, but if you tune into Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, you know that she’s also a ROD momma who looks out for her son and his pretty little lady.

Who is she?

9. keyshia cole mom

The QUEEN celebrity reality mom, she kept the drama pouring in one of the hottest reality shows to air on BET. She’s been known to have a rocky relationship with her soul-singing daughter, but all us reality TV lovers can’t get enough of her.

Who is she?

10. gloria carter

This mom recently made headlines after coming out about her sexuality on her famous son’s latest rap album.

Who is she?

(Answers on the next page.)

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